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Packers Celebrate NFC Crown While Steelers Celebrate AFC Title A Little Differently

Packers vs. Steelers will be quite a Superbowl I am sure. Its amazing what both teams have fought through to get to this point as (my preseason Superbowl predicted) Packers fought through a staggering number of injuries and heart crushing losses, and the Steelers fought through losing their QB for the first four games to suspension. Regardless, both teams have made it to the end and I will be gladly rooting on one of my all time favorite teams, the Packers.

I got to admit its been a tough day for Bengals fans in Cincy today with the news of Carson demanding a trade and their hated rivals making it to yet another Superbowl, but for those of you who missed it this video capturing the Steelers Rashard Mendenhall “celebrating” the Steelers AFC championship victory will sure to bring a smile to your face. Enjoy

Oh, and this happened too….strange game.




Report: Carson Palmer to Demand Trade From Bengals


Wow. The off-season for the Bengals just went from bad to worse. Multiple reports are surfacing saying Palmer is working his way out of the Bengals organization. As bad as fans want to act like this is a good thing for the black and orange it is not. The Bengals will likely receive little to no compensation for Palmer and the 2011 season is most likely now ruined. The 4th overall pick in the draft will now also be spent on a QB which would be a reach for this draft class.

Unfortunately the Bengals will not be able to trade him until a new CBA is in place and until then no player can be traded. So this will linger over the Bengals for quite a while.

This also shows that a lot of players in that locker room are not happy with Lewis and the rest of the staff are staying. Palmer has threatened to use retirement as a way out of Cincy and for a person like Carson to take it to that level shows that this team is under awful circumstances. The departure of the 2003 number one overall pick just might acquire the Bengals another overall pick in 2012.

Stay tuned.



Report: Ocho to Oakland? Ocho vs. Marvin.

It has been brewing for years and it seems this time the Bengals might finally be ready to flip the page to a new chapter in Bengals history that does not have Chad Ochocinco’s name written anywhere on it. Although Ocho is signed under a club option allegedly exercised years ago (supposedly 2007) he still may be on the outs with the team. A back and forth between Chad and Marvin through the media has fueled rumors of a growing discontent between the two, and its hard to see whose at fault here.

Regardless, the Chad Ochocinco we know hasn’t been the same since T.J. Houshmandzadeh followed him to the Probowl, and made the Bengals choose between the two. It seems as T.J. began to get love and Marvin seemed content on moving on without him, Chad began his disdain for his coach and started begging to leave the team. Even though the Bengals decided to keep Chad and let T.J. walk things still have never seemed to be completely healed between coach and receiver.

The combination of the media fight taking place between the two, Chad’s declining performance, Ocho’s shaky contract situation, and the fact that Chad’s beloved mentor Hue Jackson is now the head coach in Oakland all leads to reports by that Chad is interested in heading to the bay area. Chad also would have low expectations on a team with bad receivers and could immediately  fill the “go to guy ” role he seeks. Also playing out his days in warm L.A. and being close to his outside interests would most likely not just intrigue Chad, but might also help set himself up well for his life after football.

Chad has recently flirted with the Patriots as well and it is becoming painfully obvious that the Bengals will most likely take the field in 2011 without their franchise leading receiver. The most interesting factor of all is what the Bengals would be able to get for the aging receiver if anything at all. If the Bengals cannot trade Chad I believe they will cut him to make Marvin happy, and to allow more cap room to resign the teams “staples” in Benson and Joseph who are both set to become free agents in the spring.

Regardless, Chad leaving would be a sad moment for Bengal fans who just a few years ago thought the trio of Lewis, Ocho, and Palmer would lead them to the promised land.

National Championship Game: Oregon vs. Auburn & The NFL Ramifications


The BCS (Bowl Championship Series) championship game will take place tonight in the desert of Arizona between the Auburn Tigers of the SEC and the Oregon Ducks of the PAC-10. This game has already generated enormous buzz around the country, and the game has the potential to be an instant classic. Also, for the first time in a long time, it feels like the BCS system worked to perfection when it was able to avoid too much scrutiny when it picked the nation’s top 2 teams. Oregon and Auburn have earned their places in championship game and now have the opportunity of putting on one of the best title games in recent memory.

However, the game will not only display an amazing match up, but it will contain some of the most talented players in all of college football. Defensive tackle Nick Fairley and the Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Cam Newton have top 10 potential in April’s NFL draft, and the running back LaMichael James was slated to be the number one running back off the board before declaring he would return for the 2011-2012 season. It’s interesting to watch Cam Newton and Nick Fairley especially because with a great performance tonight both players could vault themselves to the top of the draft, and for Fairley possibly the number one player off the board.

With so much talent on the field tonight it will be interesting to watch not only who wins, but the individual performances that could heavily change the upcoming NFL draft.

Oregon leads the nation in both scoring and total offense while Auburn is led by one of the nation’s stingiest defenses. If Fairley can disrupt the Oregon offense then Auburn might run away with the game tonight, but Oregon has 44 touchdowns scored in under 2 minutes in this season alone so do not count the Ducks out no matter what the score. Grab the popcorn and TiVo this game because we may just be in for one hell-of-a game in the desert.


The Coaches Trophy

Bengals To Coach Against Bills In Senior Bowl


The Bengals were expecting to be offered to coach in the senior bowl and on Saturday their suspensions were confirmed when the league announced they would be coaching against the Bills staff. This is an awesome opportunity for the Bengals as they will get to be up close and personal with some of the very players they will be looking to draft when April rolls around. With the smallest scouting staff in the league the Bengals are going to benefit greatly from being given this opportunity.

However, in order to be named the coaching staff for the senior bowl a team must confirm its coaches positions are stable. So for the time being it looks as if the Bengals will be making no coaching hires or fires anytime in the near future. Somewhere Bengals fans are weeping as they read this.

Update: Marvin Lewis Returns

In a surprising turn of events it looks like Marvin will actually stay with the team in 2011. Adam Schefter has posted on his twitter that the Bengals expect to keep the coach and that the issues between the organization and its coach will be resolved in the next 24 hours.

Bengals fans hold your breath that Marvin is waiting out for more control of the team, a bigger scouting department, a new OC, and more control overall. Marvin has said he would not come back without some of those privileges. Stay tuned.

Update: If Marvin is staying it may be a good sign to fans after-all. The reason it could be a shining light is because the fear is if Lewis gets fired Mike Brown will just sign another guy he can boss around and no changes will be made. However, if there is some way Marvin can use his leverage against Brown to get an indoor practice facility and more control over team personnel then this might actually become one of the biggest bright spots in recent Bengals history.

Update 2: The Bengals have resigned Marvin Lewis and it looks like he won on a few of his demands and Bob Brat and other coaches may be on the way out as well as receivers T.O. and Ochocinco. Stay tuned for more updates.


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