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Super Bowl Videos & Prediction

The week has been over crowded with predictions, stats, guesses, news, sound bites, and more but the game is finally here and the Steelers and Packers are set to do battle tonight in chilly Dallas. Not going to go into it too much details because a Superbowl is so unpredictable it’s no use in breaking down these two great teams. Prediction- Packers 27- Steelers 24.

Low scoring game at first with the Steelers coming on strong and a similar ending to the last two Steeler’s Superbowl appearances but instead this time their luck runs out.

Just some videos here to enjoy before tonight. Enjoy the game and the bittersweet end to another year of football.

Lil Wayne Green and Yellow (Superbowl song)-

Awesome ESPN pregame video of top 5 Superbowl moments made out of food-

One for all the Hines Ward haters (me included)-



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