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Report: Carson Palmer to Demand Trade From Bengals


Wow. The off-season for the Bengals just went from bad to worse. Multiple reports are surfacing saying Palmer is working his way out of the Bengals organization. As bad as fans want to act like this is a good thing for the black and orange it is not. The Bengals will likely receive little to no compensation for Palmer and the 2011 season is most likely now ruined. The 4th overall pick in the draft will now also be spent on a QB which would be a reach for this draft class.

Unfortunately the Bengals will not be able to trade him until a new CBA is in place and until then no player can be traded. So this will linger over the Bengals for quite a while.

This also shows that a lot of players in that locker room are not happy with Lewis and the rest of the staff are staying. Palmer has threatened to use retirement as a way out of Cincy and for a person like Carson to take it to that level shows that this team is under awful circumstances. The departure of the 2003 number one overall pick just might acquire the Bengals another overall pick in 2012.

Stay tuned.




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