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Packers Celebrate NFC Crown While Steelers Celebrate AFC Title A Little Differently

Packers vs. Steelers will be quite a Superbowl I am sure. Its amazing what both teams have fought through to get to this point as (my preseason Superbowl predicted) Packers fought through a staggering number of injuries and heart crushing losses, and the Steelers fought through losing their QB for the first four games to suspension. Regardless, both teams have made it to the end and I will be gladly rooting on one of my all time favorite teams, the Packers.

I got to admit its been a tough day for Bengals fans in Cincy today with the news of Carson demanding a trade and their hated rivals making it to yet another Superbowl, but for those of you who missed it this video capturing the Steelers Rashard Mendenhall “celebrating” the Steelers AFC championship victory will sure to bring a smile to your face. Enjoy

Oh, and this happened too….strange game.




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