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National Championship Game: Oregon vs. Auburn & The NFL Ramifications


The BCS (Bowl Championship Series) championship game will take place tonight in the desert of Arizona between the Auburn Tigers of the SEC and the Oregon Ducks of the PAC-10. This game has already generated enormous buzz around the country, and the game has the potential to be an instant classic. Also, for the first time in a long time, it feels like the BCS system worked to perfection when it was able to avoid too much scrutiny when it picked the nation’s top 2 teams. Oregon and Auburn have earned their places in championship game and now have the opportunity of putting on one of the best title games in recent memory.

However, the game will not only display an amazing match up, but it will contain some of the most talented players in all of college football. Defensive tackle Nick Fairley and the Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Cam Newton have top 10 potential in April’s NFL draft, and the running back LaMichael James was slated to be the number one running back off the board before declaring he would return for the 2011-2012 season. It’s interesting to watch Cam Newton and Nick Fairley especially because with a great performance tonight both players could vault themselves to the top of the draft, and for Fairley possibly the number one player off the board.

With so much talent on the field tonight it will be interesting to watch not only who wins, but the individual performances that could heavily change the upcoming NFL draft.

Oregon leads the nation in both scoring and total offense while Auburn is led by one of the nation’s stingiest defenses. If Fairley can disrupt the Oregon offense then Auburn might run away with the game tonight, but Oregon has 44 touchdowns scored in under 2 minutes in this season alone so do not count the Ducks out no matter what the score. Grab the popcorn and TiVo this game because we may just be in for one hell-of-a game in the desert.


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