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Cliff Glee! Christmas Comes Early In Philly With Monster Signing.

My first MLB story and boy is it a big one.

Tis the season? ..for the city of Philadelphia it sure is. December 13th just might be forever renamed “Christmas 2” in Philly as a late bid for all-world pitcher Cliff Lee paid off. Reports are that Lee will forgo offers from several teams including the Yankees, Redsox, and the World Series losing Rangers. In this stunning last second decision Lee will join a rotation that already has Roy Oswalt, Cole Hamels, and Roy Halladay. The Phillies have been a dynasty as of the last few years and Lee’s return to Philly seems to suggest the wins will continue to roll in.

Lee was just a mediocre 14-10 through the entire stretch of 2010, but he was dazzling in the playoffs and delivered two easy post season wins. The deal he signed is rumored to be around 100 million dollars for 5 years. Its even more shocking that Lee is heading to Philly when you consider that the Yankees had a reported 150 million/7 year deal on the table.

It’s also interesting to note that this move likely creates a “super team” in the MLB. This team will join the nations other 2 major sports in baseball and football in having a media hyped “super team” in 2010. The Jets and Heat have struggled to live up to the hype so far and it will be interesting to see how Philly will deal with being the easy World Series favorites going into 2011.

But for now go celebrate Philly because your future is very bright. Merry Christmas to those in Philadelphia and to the rest of the world ill wish you the same in two weeks.


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