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Bengals-Steelers in Monday Night Grudge Match.

I have got to admit I have never felt this way before a Bengals game in my life. I almost forgot they even played tonight and I haven’t looked at the clock to anxiously count down the hours to kick off as I would have in years past. Obviously their record is what is holding back my expectations of the game, but their record shouldn’t matter. This is Bengals vs. Steelers a match-up that is a mini Superbowl for fans every year. This years game obviously doesn’t have the same sizzle as was expected after last year success, but ill tell you why (with under 2 hours to go) I am finally getting excited and why you should too.

It took only one stat to get me fired up for the game and its this….

The Bengals have not lost to the Steelers since November 20th of 2008.

Yes it is only 2 years ago, but it is something I don’t want to end. If there is one game on this schedule left I want us to win it is this one. We have a chance to take down a division rival who is flying high right now and we have the opportunity to shoot them out of the sky.

It was only a year ago that I was standing about 25 yards away from Carson Palmer as he led the Bengals on a jaw dropping-walkoff win vs. the Steelers in Paul Brown Stadium. That day was one of my greatest sports memories ever and it brings to mind just how awesome it feels to beat the Steelers.

So basically watch tonight and root hard for our beloved Bengals. The year might be over and we may have no hope in reaching the playoffs, but this should be our wake up call to the world on Monday night football that the Bengals are here to stay.

Watch this replay from last year and remember the importance of games like this to the city.

And you can watch Carson work the Bengals magic here.



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