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NFL drops Reebok adds Nike for Jerseys and apparel.

This is huge news for NFL fans as it looks like Reebok’s long time rein over NFL merchandising is over. The NFL will now have its teams wearing Nike jerseys and that is where Nike is looking to make the most change. Nike has mentioned they will change the NFL jerseys look and make them more like the jerseys they have been supplying to college football. This is awesome news to all of us fans who love the new unis that the college teams have been wearing. The deal goes into effect in 2012, which is when we might see jerseys like the pic above.

However, the downside is that prices for almost all merchandise will probably go up. This is a great deal for the NFL as Nike seems to be a better promoter than Reebok.

Now all we need is to cross our fingers that Nike will hand over the NFL hat making rights to New Era.


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