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Adam Jones Falsely Arrested. Bengals Lose To Bucs: Who Is On The Hot Seat?

News spread quickly Sunday afternoon that the Bengals CB Adam Jones was arrested while leaving the stadium. It turns out he was involved in a minor car incident in which he had to drive on the side-walk to avoid a swerving car. When the police arrived they placed Jones under arrest after finding a warrant out for the same name. It turns out Jones was handcuffed for nearly an hour while police got the issue sorted out. Adam was released eventually with no charges, but for a guy who has had so many legal issues and has been reportedly walking the straight and narrow, it is unfortunate that the false news might further damaged his name today. Adam Jones may make an issue out of this and I for one would not blame him. Adam has enjoyed a great season thus far and has been sharing reps with the starters.


In other news, the Bengals loss to the Bucs today puts them in a 2-3 hole going into the toughest stretch of the season. While many fans have been pushing for the Bengals to part ways with their probowl QB Carson Palmer, there are many others who are now facing the hot seat. With Marvin Lewis not under contract past this year he may be the most likely candidate to get the ax. Unfortunately it looks as if the issues with the Bengals may not be fixable during the season, and the players do not seem to be motivated by this coaching staff. There just may be a regime change if the Bengals do not make a push for the playoffs this year.


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