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Bengals have no answer for their offensive woes

Cincy is coming off of yet another ugly yet gutty win vs. their division rivals in what looked to be a must win game.
It came just one week after the team got dismantled in a blow out loss in New England. While the defense made huge strides this week the offense has continued to look lost when ever they are not in their hurry up offense.

Many have been blaming the Bengals play calling and Qb Carson Palmer. On Thursday, Cedric Benson addressed the issue with Sirius Nfl radio, and he had some strong comments directed at his team. He questioned why the Bengals are moving away from the running game and stated he needs more carries and carries at better points in the game so that he can get in rhythm. He also stated that he has been given no hint toward the direction the offense and that the lack of direction concerns him. Benson says he doesn’t understand why passing game isn’t working and seemed to hang the blame on his QB. Benson went on to say he hasn’t spoken to anyone other than his running backs coach about his concern for the offense, but his interview is making noise and the organisation will hear of it.

Chad and T.O. have also publicly expressed frustration and confusion with the offense. The Bengals have a right to be concerned, but they are in luck, because arguably the easiest stretch of the season is here. The Bengals get a chance to get back on track this weekend vs. a weak Carolina team. They better get their offense rolling soon or the  uneasiness in the locker room will grow. Stay tuned.


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