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Bengals Steal Win In A Thriller In The Jungle

Mike Nugent provided the Bengals the power needed to burst past a division rival. It’s rare when a kicker is the games MVP, but when you’re in a defensive game vs. division rival Baltimore , a kicker can very well be the deciding factor. Today the Bengals won off of 5 field goals from Nugent and it was clear the Bengals made a wise decision by letting go of Shane Graham. The Bengals won their first game of the year by an outstanding defensive game, a cautious but effective offensive attack, and a kicker who proved his immense value on the team.

Carson and the offense struggled, but that is to be expected against an elite defense like the Ravens have, but they did what was necessary to win. There where questions about how Cincy’s pass rush would respond to last weeks debacle, and the defense roared back with their answer, picking off Joe Flacco four times and constantly getting pressure in his face. The ball control offense and smothering defense allowed a low scoring but high action game in the Jungle. A huge return by B.Scott was another giant play that helped seal the victory.

Palmer is now 9-3 all time vs. their tough defensive rivals and that record is a sign of how the Bengals have the Ravens numbers. Much like last season, Cincy found itself 0-1 heading into a tough match up in week 2, but they once again prevailed and showed they are ready to make another push for another AFC North crown.

The Bengals are now 1-1 and tied with the Ravens for second in the division behind Pittsburgh. This game was very important to prevent going 0-2 and down 2 games in the division. The game also is big as it means the Bengals are one win vs. Baltimore away from being a tie breaker in the division.

Steelers: 2-0

Bengals: 1-1

Ravens: 1-1

Browns: 0-2


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