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The 2010 Bengals Chase For A Championship

With the playoffs approaching, Cincinnati is buzzing with the success of their beloved Reds, and they are remembering the great championships in Reds history and dreaming of possibly adding another. However, there is another team just beginning their season still looking for their first ever world title. The Bengals have long been a bad football team in a baseball city. But things are changing, and the Bengals struggles are becoming forgotten memories as the Bengals have been to the playoffs twice in the last four years.

With a new season comes new challenges and this team is no different. QB Carson Palmer is facing the critics saying he is no longer elite and that he is washed up. T.O. and Chad are facing the critics as they say they are aging and will not get along. The Defense has been shrugged off and their top ten performance is being overlooked as “getting lucky”. AP Coach of the year, Marvin Lewis, is apparently on the hot seat as many state he cannot lead this team to the promised land. “The Bengals wont be able to keep up with their difficult schedule.” These are just a few of the issues Cincy is facing and even when I am typing this I heard a commentator on ESPN saying the Bengals are nothing more than a “fluke”.

Even after all of the negative talk around the Bengals this year the team has remained quite, focused, and motivated. This team is not like the bad teams of the 90’s and they will not give up their throne as AFC North champs easily. This team has playoff penitential and even has Super Bowl talent. If the Bengals can overcome their history and doubters, the sky is the limit for them. They are arguably closer than ever to a championship and the players can smell it. The Bengals begin their chase for a championship today and look to bring the first Lombardi trophy to Cincinnati for their fans who have suffered through so many years of disappointment. As the Reds look for another World Series title it is hard to keep an eye on the Bengals, but do not forget, the Bengals are in a hunt themselves and could be closing in on a world championship of their own. The Bengals kick off their season vs. a team that has been to 4 Super Bowls this decade alone. Enjoy the game today as it may just very well be the first step on the road to a Super Bowl victory. Whodey Bengals.


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