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Bengals Update: Odom’s Pending Suspension And Try Outs

News is coming in from numerous sites stating that Antwan Odom has been suspended 4 games from the Commissioner for use of a banned substance (performance enhancing drug). The banned substance in Odom’s case is allegedly a P.E.D. which is steroid like substance and is commonly used by athletes to heal quicker coming off of an injury. This could be possible in Odom’s case as he missed much of last year after tearing his Achilles tendon. Odom apparently believes he has a strong argument for why these P.E.D.s have been found in his system, and currently is challenging the leagues ruling. The appeal process is already under way and the league is already taking a look at the case. As for his status for this weekends game vs. the Patriots, look for him to be on the field and in the starting lineup, as suspensions do not commonly go into effect the week of the leagues ruling.

Meanwhile, the Bengals are preparing to start their season and they are looking to make some moves to patch some holes on their roster. The center Justin Hartwig, who has previously played for the Steelers, is looking to make a visit to Cincy next week in hopes of joining the Bengals roster. They are very thin at the center position so it would be a nice pick up for the Bengals.

The Bengals have also scheduled a try out next Tuesday for the ex West Virgin fullback, Owen Schmitt. After losing their starting fullback for the season the Bengals need someone to step in and fill the void and Schmitt might be the guy they look to. Schmitt was known for his love for the game and all out play on the field in college and played in Seattle before being recently released.

I will update you all as soon as more news comes in on all these topics.


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