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Bengals/NFL News Catch Up, Housh Returns To AFC North

With all the flurry of news that has been around the league as of the last few days it has been hard to keep up with it all. Here is all you should need to know as we are 6 days away from the Bengals kicking off their season.

  • Bengals major cuts include JT. O Sullivan, Dez Briscoe, Matt Jones, and Chase Coffman.
  • Coffman was cut and moved onto the practice squad as the Bengals elected to keep Coats instead (for blocking reasons).
  • Dan LeFevour was picked up by Cincy after he was released by the Bears. The rookie QB has had a solid preseason and he has enormous potential as a future starter. This is a great pickup for Cincinnati and LeFevour as well. LeFevour gets to learn under the probowl QB, Carson Palmer. For the Bengals this means they may have a developmental QB and they may not have to snag one in next years draft.
  • The Bengals did something over the past weekend that they never do, they made a trade. Jacksonville and Cincinnati hooked up on a deal that sent back up cornerback David Jones to the Jags and Reggie Nelson to the Bengals. The deal for Cincy means they now have 4 first round picks in their secondary alone.
  • WR T.J. Houshmandzedeh, a former Bengal super star, was released after playing for Seattle for only a year. He found his way back into the AFC North today as he joined the Bengals division rivals, the Baltimore Ravens. Housh left on bad blood with the Bengals and spent the better part of last year jawing them out publicly every chance he got. This makes week 2, Bengals vs. Ravens, that much more intriguing.
  • Albert Haynesworth will play some in the Redskins opener but does not look to play a major role in the defense in the near future.

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