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So Long Antonio Bryant, We Hardly Got To Know You.

Well, as I posted earlier in the week, the decision for Antonio Bryant’s future on the team was coming and it didn’t look good. Today it was confirmed that Bryant was released from the team after having never even taken a single game snap. The release comes as a major disappointment for a player who came in with a lot of potential.

The third round rookie from Texas, Jordan Shipley, now looks to have all but locked up the starting slot receiver job (which was Bryant’s spot) and he has been successful there thus far. The Bengals are lucky they drafted him as insurance because now they need him more than ever.

The Bengals have eaten about $8 million dollars of Bryant’s guaranteed salary. They would have owed him another 3 million if we would have been on the roster at the start of week one. Bengals insiders have stated that he was too risky to keep and the team will now pursue an injury settlement with Bryant. Obviously Bryant will defend against it and claim he could not be cut fairly because he was injured. Antonio has a very good case for himself as he clearly would have made the team if he was even remotely healthy. The Bengals may end up losing a lot more than a talented player and 8 million dollars. Stay Tuned.


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