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Brandon Ghee “Im Good”

Great news out of Bengal nation tonight. Its looks like corner back Brandon Ghee, who suffered a devastating hit to his helmet during the game tonight, looks to be OK. It was a scary scene as the Bengal rookie laid on the field unresponsive for a long period and only got up just in time to reject being taken off the field in the ambulance waiting for him. However, after the game Ghee cleared up his condition and thanked his Twitter followers for their prayers and support. Ghee posted on his Twitter account “I want to thank everybody for all the support. I’m Good.” Afterwords Ghee laughed the hit off saying “Was it a good hit though ha ha?”

More to come on the game itself later, but the good news is the promising young corner looks to be OK.


One response

  1. BonnieBengal

    Awesome. So glad he is okay.

    August 29, 2010 at 12:50 AM

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