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Where to watch all blacked out games and Bengals vs. Broncos Updates

I found a few sites that stream the game live for all those who are in the blacked out area. The link is here.

As for the game the Bengals starting offense has come out on fire and have looked like a much stronger unit than last week in Canton. Carson Palmer went 12-15 in his first 3 series and had an efficient 105 yards through the air with no touchdowns or picks. Rookies Jordan Shipley and Jermaine Gresham have been the consistent targets of Palmer and have caught a combined 76 yards of Carson’s 105. Benson and Scott have looked good on the ground so far and have both popped off big runs. The defense is a concern as the starting group has struggled in the first two games of this preseason.

News to know: David Jones had a pick 6 off of the former Brown Brady Quinn. Kyle Cook left with an ankle injury, this could be a serious loss on an already weak offensive line if he cannot recover quickly. Adam Jones left with headaches. First round pick Jermaine Gresham caught his first pass as a pro on a 3 yard route.


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