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What to watch for

OK so I have spent the better part of the week travailing up and down the coast of California and haven’t had much time to catch everyone up on all the news that has been swirling around all week. Football is officially back! So lets begin!

Albert Haynesworth still has not joined his teammates in practice and is blaming a bum knee for his conditioning issues. This story just isn’t going away and I don’t expect the relationship between Haynesworth and the Redskins it to get any better.

Brett Favre has said he is still unsure if he will retire or not and it depends on his ankle’s health. Basically we still wont know for a while and honestly who cares to still ride the “Favre’s decision” rollercoster that comes around every August?

The Bengals have suffered an enormous amount of minor injuries in the early going in this years camp. Joseph, Hall, Maualuga, Peko, Odom, Pacman, Bryant, T.O., Fui, Smith, and Benson have all missed time due to injuries. Wow and I probably missed a few. Depth and health is a huge concern for them right now and they need to get it straightened out quickly and some wont play come Sundays “Hall of Fame Game.”

Players/Positions to watch during Sundays preseason opener-

Jermaine Gresham has had a bad week of practice so far and looks to receive a whole lot of reps in an attempt to help him learn quicker. This is your chance to watch a young kid, who has the talent to become a “Gates” type player, step onto an NFL field for his first ever professional game.

Dezmon Briscoe vs. Quan Cosby vs. Jerome Simpson. This game is the start of a camp long battle for the final WR spot on the Bengals 2010 roster. Jerome Simpson, on the verge of being labeled a “bust”, always looks good in camp and this year is no different. However, the team needs to see him do it with pads on and in a live game situation, before they give the job to their former second round pick. Dezmon Briscoe has struggled so far and needs to have a big game in hopes to keep his chances at a roster spot alive. Quan Cosby has always played well in the preseason as well as the regular season, but he needs to show something extra to beat out the young kids who may have more potential. This is the start of what should be an amazing battle. Enjoy.

Jordan Shipley has played well as of late and he has been catching the eye of the coaches. Watch this young rookie play his home-state team.

Carson Palmer has looked like the Carson of old in camp so far and has shown flashes of the cannon arm and precision accuracy. He has a bunch of new weapons so don’t expect it to look perfect, but watch to see how he has recovered since last season.


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