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Breaking News: Jermaine Gresham Signs Five Year Deal with Bengals

Wow awesome work by the Bengals front office on this one. No details on the money involved yet but it is good to know he will be in camp and is under contract for the next five years. The Bengals and Gresham both where on the record indicating that they wanted the deal done as soon as possible, but it is shocking they got it finished with Gresham only missing eight practices especially since the word was that talks between the first pick and the Bengals where not going well. Jermaine Gresham will be on the field for tomorrow afternoons practice and looks to begin the transition into the starting TE spot on this offensively gifted Bengals team. Welcome 84, now if Bryant can get healthy the party will truly start.


Update: The Bengals first rounder will make about 9.5 million in guaranteed money. He has a max contract around 18 million dollars if he hits all the incentives and escalators in the deal.


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