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Bengals Position by Position Breakdown: Day #13 Guard

Pretty simple. Evan Mathis/Nate Livings and Bobbie Williams will return to their rightful spots at the starting guard positions in 2010. They may not get all the credit, but this is a very strong spot on the O-Line because they play with a lot of intensity and passion. With Jason Shirley being placed on IR it is obvious the Bengals are not looking to keep any more than four guards and possibly only three . Isaac Sowells and rookie Otis Hudson do not figure to make much noise let alone make the team. Now that this matter is settled I can move on to the final day as the WR’s (who I strategically placed last just in case of a T.O. signing) are now on center stage. Sorry for the delay I was hoping to get this done before camp started, but too much happened in Bengal land in to little time.


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