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The latest: Training Camp Update

The news has been flying lately and I spent all of yesterday in Georgetown watching the Bengals at their opening day of camp. There is so much to talk about so I will try to catch my readers up if they haven’t heard some of this already.

Benson will not be suspended. The commissioner decided against suspending Benson after their one on one talk about the incident last week in New York.

-Antonino Bryant is hurting. He looked good in yesterdays opening practice but he was unable to compete in the night practice or in this mornings session due to his lingering knee troubles. It does not look good and there are now rumors he may make the PUP list which would deactivate him for the first six weeks in 2010.

– Jermaine Gresham is still looking for his deal, and reports are that the talks have not been going well. However, the last few days has seen a number of 1st rounders sign and it looks to be helping the talks between Gresham and the Bengals.

—With Benson on board the Bengals can now focus with the players they have on the roster. The coaches have been happy with what they have seen thus far and so have I. As I watched practice I noticed quite a few standouts and here they are.

*The Good

Carson Palmer- He looked good and practiced without a knee brace or without any tape or glove on his surgically repaired thumb. His throws have been very accurate and velocity has been very good as well. He has been throwing the deep ball well, but has struggled on overthrowing a few players when he had a rush in his face.

Cedric Benson- Has been smiling, laughing and enjoying himself, while he flies through the line and lowers his shoulders on the DB’s. The guy looks motivated and ready for another huge year.

The Corners- All have looked very sharp expect for one (see below).

The WR’s- I wont go too in-depth because my breakdown of the group is coming soon, but basically the very talented group is showing that this years roster battles and cuts will be very interesting. Obviously the addition of T.O. gives the group a completely different feel. The future HOF WR was on the field for last nights practiced and looked good. He spent much of the practice alone with Palmer discussing what they expect out of each other. This group is leaps and bounds over the patch job group they had in 2009.

– “Taz” and “The Freak” have shown why the coaches have been raving. Both M.J. and Atkins have shown they can really get after the QB and that they have a ton of speed. The potential for these two young defenders is huge.

* The Bad

-Adam Jones was consistently beaten badly by any WR he lined up against and let his frustration show.

-The Injuries. Nelson, Jeanty, Hall, Smith, Bryant and Mathis are all hurting and are not practicing.

-Gresham is still not signed. The deal should be close, but apparently it’s just getting worse.


2 responses

  1. erik

    Good post dude my boy briscoe is gonna be a superstar I haven’t seen him practice but I just got a feeling about him

    July 31, 2010 at 3:32 AM

    • ya man he looked like he had alot of potential

      July 31, 2010 at 6:07 PM

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