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Late Night Update: Roddrick Muckelroy to sign tomorrow

Morning, noon, and night I am chasing down the latest info to bring to my loyal blog viewers. The fact that I double check all my sources at 1 in the morning is just another reason you should make my site your go to source for breaking NFL news. The news tonight? Look for the Bengals to ink yet another rookie tomorrow. Straight off of Roddrick’s twitter comes a status saying “sounds like i might sign that line 2mro 56 on the way.” The news comes as a good sign for the Bengals who have currently 4 unsigned picks heading into the week of the training camp opener. Roddrick would make yet another linebacker in the fold for the Bengals and would give him a chance to immediately fight for his job at the start of camp. The fourth round pick finds himself battling to make the team as the Bengals are now loaded at linebacker. Now lets just hope the remaining picks will be dipping the pen in ink soon as well.


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  1. Mom

    Joe, you should get some sleep!


    July 26, 2010 at 7:18 AM

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