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Bengals Position by Position Breakdown: Day #11 S

This could be potentially the weakest part of what should be a top ten defense in 2010. The group is very young and does not have a true superstar or big play maker. Ex Cowboy , Roy Williams, is the veteran of the group and brings a sense of physicality and leadership that the young group sorely needs. However, Roy lacks the coverage ability needed to be a top notch safety in the NFL, and is more of a factor in the run game. Chris Crocker will most likely start at free safety and will play a major role in how effective the group will be in their 2010 campaign. He is a better coverage safety than Roy but he lacks the understanding and speed to really cover all the ground he is responsible for. Chinedum Ndukwe, Gibril Wilson, and Tom Nelson are the favorites to be the back ups but the Bengals could be in trouble if they have to play for an extended period of time. The group needs to play smart and off of their amazing corners to be successful. The 2010 safeties need to realize they are the “Robin” to the pro bowl corners “Batman.” If the group can play to their talents and help out Leon Hall and Johnathan Joseph the overall defense will easily be among the leagues elite.

Predicted Depth Chart Come Regular Season-

Starters- Roy Williams (SS) and Chris Crocker (FS)

Backups- Chinedum Ndukwe, Gibril Wilson, and Kyris Herbert (special teams captain)

Cut/Practice Squad- Tom Nelson, Rico Murray and Jeromy Miles


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