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Report: Bob Sanders Career Over?

It was only a few years ago when Indy won the Superbowl, but for Bob Sanders his career has since taken more bad turns than a lost tourist in a new city without a Garmen. I watched their playoff run and I remember thinking to myself that Bob Sanders may just be the best safety in the league. Much like Pittsburgh with Troy Polamalu, Sanders is the key to the Colts defense when he is healthy. However, after years of injuries and missed games, Bob Sanders is facing a very tough road to return to the player he once was. Bob Sanders has been positive this off-season and has been saying he is ready to return from a number of injuries that ended his 2009 season. However, others are reporting that his progress has been slow and Michael Lombardi of has went as far as to say that he may never be able to play again. Wow. I told a friend that I wasn’t sure how much more Sanders could take, but if this report is true it will be a devastating blow to the Colts on the field and even more so in the locker room. I hope for his sake that he can make a full recovery but for all you Colts fans you may want to start crossing your fingers now.


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