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Bengals Position by Position Breakdown: Day #6 Offensive Tackles

These big boys are typically overlooked but when it comes down to it they are some of the most influential players of all. They are given the responsibility to protect every franchises most valuable player, the quarterback. With Carson Palmer having suffered so many serious injuries over the years, and the Bengals going up against some very tough defenses in 2010, they will rely even more heavily on their tackles. This year the starters look to be the offensive captain, Andrew Whitworth, and the second year player, the first round draft pick in 2009, Andre Smith. Both are very talented and have the ability to be the anchors of the offensive line for years to come. Many are still counting Andre Smith out and many are also hoping the 2009 8th overall pick stays on the bench for another year. However, reports out of mini camp are stating that Andre Smith is in shape and ready to go mentally and physically. He has stated that his goal for the year is to take every snap in the 2010 campaign and If the Bengals can get that kind of production out of Andre “the giant”  they will be in a very good spot with their tackle situation. It looks like it should be his job to lose at the right tackle position and Witworth will stay at left tackle. As for the back ups, look for Anthony Collins (who started 7 games last year and played in a total of 14), to be the main back up where either of the two starters to go down. Dennis Roland can also fill in admirably in either tackle spot. The third year tackle played in all 16 games last season and even started 12 of them. Another deep position for the Bengals and they have a lot of interchangeable parts on the line.

On Alert- Bengals’ legend Willie Anderson has expressed his hope to come out of retirement and play in 2010, the Bengals do not have much room for him but could bring him in to coach up the young guys like Andre Smith or even just for the boost it would give the locker room.

Predicted Depth Chart at Regular Season-

Left Tackle- Andrew Whitworth

Right Tackle- Andre Smith

Back ups- Anthony Collins and Dennis Roland

Cut/Practice Squad- Gabriel Manns and Andrew Mitchell


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