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Bengals Position by Position Breakdown: Day #4 CB

Ah the fun stuff. To me personally I believe this corner back group for the Bengals is among the best in the league and got even better this off-season. Led by the former first round picks, and should have been all pro corners, Johnathan Joseph and Leon Hall. The group is even tougher with the addition of former pro bowler Adam “Pacman” Jones and this years fourth round pick, the speedy Brandon Ghee. The Bengals also return last years sixth round pick, Morgan Trent, who is not bad in nickle situations or even just to spell the starters for a few plays. This group is the heart and soul of the defense. While they may not always show up in the stat book, these guys truly change the way the defense plays as a whole. When both Hall and Joseph are in the game the line gets the extra seconds it needs to get after the quarter back and the line backers are able to rush or drop into coverage without their shortcomings being exposed. The group will have its work set out for them in 2010 as they must face some of the best passing teams in the league. The Bengals need their corners to play above and beyond their amazing 2009 level if they want to hang with teams such as Indy, the Saints, New England, and the Chargers. My prediction is the Bengals actually have a good chance in many of these tough games because, barring injury, the corner back duo of Joseph and Hall will shut down opponents passing attacks and will open the door for the revitalized defensive line to put pressure on the opposition.

Predicted Depth Chart for 2010-

1A and 1B- Johnathan Joseph and Leon Hall

Nickel corner-Morgan Trent/Adam Jones

Special Teamer and Dime Corner- Brandon Ghee and David Jones

Cut/Practice Squad- Johnny Sears


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