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Bengals Position by Position Breakdown: Day #2 RB

Maybe the deepest and best part of the team. Much like 2009, this is where the games will be won in ’10. The Rb’s are led by Cedric Benson who continued his success as a starter for the Bengals and solidified his name among the NFL elite. He rushed for over 1200 yards last season and I expect him to rush for even more this year. With his recent arrest (see my blog post a few posts ago) and possible forthcoming suspension, the Bengals will be looking at second year runner, Bernard Scott to fill his shoes. Scott is a talented speed back who needs a little more time to watch the holes develop. However, just because he is a smaller back do not mistake his talent. With Benson out with an injury, Bernard single handily pounded the ball down the Steelers throat to seal the win late in the Bengals second game vs. their division rivals. Brian Leonard was the third and fourth down hero for the Bengals last year. The guy is a big bruiser back but he has very good hands, is very quick, and just has a knack for moving the chains (even if he has to completely hop over the defender to do so). I expect Leonard and Scott to split the back up carries pretty evenly this year. The Bengals ranked very high in all rushing categories last year and I expect the numbers to get even higher as the bring back the same crew. I would not be surprised, however, to see the backs all have increased role in blocking and catching duties as the Bengals will be facing many of the league’s top passing offenses in 2010.

Predicted depth chart come regular season

Starter- Cedric Benson

2A & 2B- Bernard Scott and Brian Leonard


2 responses

  1. charlie

    Cedric DID NOT rush for 2000 yards,other than that a good piece of work.

    July 6, 2010 at 10:11 PM

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