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Benson Arrested: Guilty or Innocent, Suspension or Not?

Ok im not going to go into a whole lot of detail. Arguably the Bengals best player was arrested today on charges of an occurrence that took place almost a month ago in an Austen Texas bar. Some are saying that Benson was jumped and was only defending himself while taking pictures with female fans in the bar. The charges of assault against him are stating that Cedric had punched a worker of the bar and spit blood in the face of another man. However, these charges come very late and Benson’s attorneys are stating that Benson talked to police immediately after the situation that night, and if true that fact could keep Benson from NFL suspension or even jail time. On the other hand, if he is convicted look for minimal to no jail time and a 2-4 game suspension from the league (which would be a huge blow to the Bengals as they open their season vs. stiff competition). I think Benson will be absolved of any charges and will probably come to a settlement with the accuser. Depending on how much media attention this story gets Benson may or may not even receive a suspension because if no one is talking about the situation it hardly “damages the shield.” Stay tuned.


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