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The Best Bengal Receiver (In Shorts)

Meet Jerome Simpson, the second round pick from the 2008 draft number 46 overall.  Most people know him but I wouldn’t blame you if you don’t. Why? Because the guy is being called one of the biggest Bengal busts in the last 20 years. Many Bengals fans remember all of the bad draft picks from the 90’s and early 2000’s, but Jerome to date has been right up there with all of them. Going into his third year as a Bengals receiver, Jerome has just 1 start, has played in only 8 out of 16 games (during many of the other games being inactive), and has a staggering one catch for 2 yards. However, once again Jerome is drawing raves for his performance during the off-season workouts. There is always the players who look amazing in practice shorts but can’t get it done when the pads go on and the lights turn on. Jerome is drawing high praise from his coaches, players, and his QB Carson Palmer. He has spent his off-season catching everything thrown his way and making highlight catches. We will see if Jerome (who has all the talent in the world) can keep it turned on when it really matters, because if he can’t, he will probably not start the season in Bengal Stripes.


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