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My Two Cents on New York Super Bowl Discussion

Ok so as most of you might already know this is the slowest time of year for football news. That is an understatement as we have literally got no significant news in weeks. However, one discussion is becoming a rising topic at today’s owner meetings, and that is the debate on whether or not a Super Bowl should be played in New York. If you don’t already know New York has just built a 1.6 billion dollar stadium named “New Meadowland Stadium.” The stadium will be shared by both the Jets and the Giants. So today New York wanted to push their new stadium to host the Super Bowl in 2014. The owners will vote on this issue today. It is an interesting argument if a Super Bowl should be played in a “cold/bad weather” city or not. Many are of the thinking that if the city does not own a stadium with a roof ,or one that is located in a “hot/good weather” city (E.g. Los Angles, Tampa, Miami), then they should not be eligible to be the host of the leagues most prestigious event. In my opinion, some of the leagues greatest memories and moments came from bad weather games, and the league is based off the smash mouth, hard nose, nastiness that these bad weather games bring. The “Tuck Game” between the Raiders and Patriots is a good example of how these bad weather game can be some of the most compelling games ever.

Update: The leagues has voted, the rights to the 2014 Super Bowl belongs to New York. Let the hating begin.


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