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News about “4”

Thats right im going to do what I promised myself I wouldn’t. It’s this point every year when Brett Farve ponders the decision to retire or play football and goes back and forth with his decision for months. Well it was recently reported that Farve needed ankle surgery if he wanted to play in 2010. Sources close to Farve said that he was not going to go through with the surgery, hence electing to not play in ’10. Well Farve continued his “say one thing, do another” approach to every off-season, when he got the necessary procedure on his ankle. So it would look like Farve is gearing up for to play for the Vikings in 2010 (unless, of course he isn’t). We likely wont know Farve’s decision until mid way through training camp, so I dont plan on having any kind of “Farve Watch” until then. However, in arguably the slowest point for news in the entire NFL year, this is the best news that we got. Yay


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