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The Bengal’s first power ranking of the year

Look for yourself. For the majority of the article I agree with Peter King’s analysis of how the league stacks up. However, seeing Cincinnati at 23 and having to “wait till next year” is almost laughable. In what world does a team sweep their division, get MUCH healthier, retain the majority of their roster, and have one of the best rated drafts, only to be rated 23rd? It is insane to believe the Bengals will easily sweep their very tough division for the second straight year, but it is not unrealistic given the Steelers awful off season and Cleveland still  in the rebuilding process. The majority of problems will come from the Ravens who have helped themselves get younger at Defense and really help their ailing passing game by the acquisitions of Boldin, Stallworth, and the two TE’s they acquired in the draft.  It is still not crazy to believe that the Bengals will continue their success regardless of having one of the toughest schedules this year. King believes that Carson Palmer will be the deciding factor in Cincy’s season, and will in turn doom the club. However, the Bengals can have success regardless of Palmers play. For the most part they are still a run oriented, “shut em down” defensive, team above all. Palmer has proven that he can lead a underachieving and a low offensively talented squad, he proved that in ’09, but he know is completely healthy and has a much better supporting cast. If he can regain some of his old form this is a super bowl contending team for sure. The Bengals will also get many players back from injury this year including the sack master Antwan Odom, the big tackle Andre Smith, and the young talented line backer in Rey Maualuga. My prediction? The Bengals will prove King’s theory on where they stack up to be horribly inaccurate.


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