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Welcome: First Impressions on 2010 Bengals Draft and the Outlook for the Upcoming Season

Hello all and welcome to my blog. Just to get things going I am going to kick the tires and post my overall feelings on some of the big picks from the Bengals Draft this year.

Jermaine Gresham- Huge, physical TE who will help this offense immediately. What more can I say? I called this pick months ago and I really believe a TE can be a quarterbacks best friend. Carson will love this pick and Gresham can make a big splash in Bratkowski’s offense on day one.

Carlos Dunlap- He stands at 6-6 and is a whopping 277 pounds and still can run like a deer. A first round talent who fell into the Bengals lap in the second round. For the second straight year a top 15 talent player fell to Cincy in second round due to character issues. Last year it was Rey Maualuga, this year it is Dunlap, who comes into camp with a reputation as an underachiever. Many critics who followed Dunlap at Florida feel as though he took to many plays off and believe he doesn’t have a “high motor.” This isn’t his biggest problem though, he was arrested for DUI on the eve of the biggest game of his life. To be arrested before the SEC Championship game has many of his critics pondering how much he truly cares for the game of football. The Bengals can only hope that Dunlap moves past his issues and excels much like Maualuga has. I believe if he can stay focused and remain driven, he can one day take over one of the starting DE spots.

Part 2 coming up…


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