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My take on Cushing suspension and the DROY Award

Ok, so lets be honest the guy has had the steroid cloud hanging over his head since he was playing high school football. None of us should be surprised to hear this story. The man is an absolute beast, he is 6-3, weighs in at 260 pounds, and can run the forty in 4.64 seconds. Is it possible that his story about being afraid that he was dying legitimate? No. Simply put, the guy freaked out and thought the sympathy card was the best one to play in his situation. The tumor story has been shot down by doctors, the team and close relatives so Cushing has done nothing but shoot his public image down, possibly forever. Cushing is a physical freak, and those fans who are worrying that we will not be able to return to his Defensive Rookie of the Year form, should be worried. I’m not saying for sure that the guy took roids but the concern should be huge for Texan fans. Shaun Merrriman went through the same thing in 2006 and 2007 and his production has been no where near his former pro-bowl levels since the accusations. The Texans have been on the cusp of the playoffs for years now and it would be a devastating loss if Cushing is unable to return to his all pro level.

As for the DROY award, it is now officially nothing more than a title. I no longer hold any stock in the award. First off, if you are in the situation where the winner has tested positive for a banned substance then you need to do one of two things. You need to either give the award to the runner up or strike the record from the books for the given year. For the AP to re-vote AND still include Cushing is a ugly situation for the league. With Cushing remaining as a candidate the worst scenario played out, he won again. I understand some voters where voting based on their opinion that there shouldn’t be a re-vote at all, but that does not justify them voting for Cushing (some when they did not vote for him the first time around!) In the end it is a terrible look for the NFL and teaches kids that cheaters prosper and if you juice you win Defensive Rookie of the Year.


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